Meet Dr. Boyd

Stanley J. Boyd, D.M.D.

I love the art and science of dentistry, the creation of a beautiful restoration from simple materials, and the happiness and satisfaction that a patient expresses when a life time problem is resolved beautifully. I love the opportunity to teach my patients and motivate their awareness of their health.

My life has been greatly enriched by creating and maintaining long term relationships with interesting people and learning from their life experiences. This has continually broadened my horizons and been a source of continuing motivation.

Born in Pennsylvania, I was the first person in my family to attend college. And I now live in Greenwich Village and Greenport, NY.

I love exercising regularly and having a spiritual life. We are also excited to be getting a new puppy; who you will meet!!  My long time partner and I share a joy in mentoring young people both here in New York and in Greenport, Long Island.  I also collect art - primarily Long Island art from the turn of the century and have an extensive garden of exotic and native plants.  I am active in ethical charity services in my small village to support and improve the lives of families in vulnerable positions. We are so very grateful to have such a full life.