Meet Dr. Lenhoff


Dr. Evan Lenhoff comes from a long line of dentists. His Great-Grandfather practiced the art of dentistry and more recently his mother and uncle, both esteemed dentists in their own rights, helped to develop Evan’s interest in beautiful smiles and healthy mouths at an early age.

Evan decided to follow in the footsteps of his family and gained admission to NYU’s College of Dentistry, where his education served to reinforce the fundamental link between oral and overall health. Dr. Lenhoff sees the current world we live in as an opportunity to further expand knowledge about the dental industry by connecting dentistry with the ever-expanding beauty industry.

Based in New York, Dr. Lenhoff sees firsthand the importance people apply toward their physical beauty and well being while neglecting the health of our most prominent feature—the mouth. He aims to help make people achieve their perfect selves by matching the rigorous maintenance that many apply to their workouts, diets, skin regimens, and fashions with the best care and upkeep of a sexy, youthful, and healthy smile.